A Few Questions to Ask When Hiring Packers and Movers in Chandigarh.

In this blog, I am going to explain- A Few Questions to Ask When Hiring Packers and Movers in Chandigarh. These questions will help you to choose the best packers and movers in your city. The trusted packers-movers can pack and move your valuables with the most care and protection.

These-days, there are many packers and movers who don’t have even proper license and an office to operate from. As we research, we find that a number of new packers movers companies get started every year. You may be confused between several packers-movers companies especially when you don’t know what questions to ask when hiring  a transport company in India. The people who have very little knowledge of packing and moving  techniques and if you hire such companies then you may get into a big trouble.

If you are planning to shift your households or office equipments in India, you must think about safety, costs and other issues. You ought not to trust on randomly picked moving company. You should choose the perfect shifting company who pack and move your precious household goods, furniture and home appliances. You can choose the best packers and movers by asking and verifying some basic questions.

If you know how to verify a packers-movers company, you can easily evaluate and distinguish the best and genuine packers and movers in your city. The few questions, that help you to screen and find the most authentic and competent moving company, are given below:-

  1. Are you a licensed company?

You should ask whether the moving company has proper documents to prove that their business is legitimate or not. The documents may be trade license, service tax details, or their personal identification proofs such as voter Ids, pan cards, etc.

  • Since how long they are in the transport business?

It is better for you to know how long the company has spent in the related field. Experienced moving company can offer the safest services. There may be many genuine transport companies in your city, but for protecting yourself against the fraud ones, this question makes lots of sense.

  • What is your company’s permanent business address?

You should ask about the permanent address of their office and warehouse.  Do verify it if possible, it will help you to locate them just in case of any problem.

  • Would you put every commitment into writing?

A trusted packers and movers will happily accept this proposition. If someone is not accepting this, it means that he is hiding something.

  • Ask whether the moving company offers liability insurance or transit insurance

Generally, a moving company offers two types of insurance- transit and full liability insurance. You can ask them about the kind of insurance they are offering and its charges.

  • To whom do I write the cheque to?

You should write the cheque to the business name and not to an individual in the business. Ensure the moving company is licensed to operate as a business. If the moving company insists you to pay in personal account then there might be something wrong. You should also prefer to pay in the company account and not in cash.

  • What are we going to do if you miss the deadline?

It should be clearly mentioned what penalties they would face if they fail to deliver your goods according to the schedule. They should explain the excuses in advance and for further delay, they should give penalty.

  • Do you have required equipment for loading?

Some tools and equipments make it easy to seal, bind, hold and load boxes. Professional packers-movers use the latest tools to ensure everything is packed and loaded safely. You should ask them potentially whether they have sufficient equipments otherwise you should reconsider your decision.

  • Do you have your own vehicles or you rent it?

An established packers-movers company offers the transportation business on their own fleet. This way, the professional packers and movers can offer you the transportation services comparatively better in cost.

  1. Can you offer temporary storage?

Professional packers and movers can pack and move your goods on door to door basis. Sometimes, when your new house is not ready for any reason, you would have to store your goods and valuables in a warehouse. The established packers-movers company can arrange a suitable warehouse in that situation.

I hope the above questions would have given you so much ideas and knowledge about dealing with packers and movers in India. These questions will help you to judge the most trusted packers and movers in India. I hope you end-up booking a verified packers and movers service provider for yourself.

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Now, I am sure you will start well. Best of Luck….

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